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Privilege Loyalty card

Become one of our valued members to enjoy a variety of exclusive benefits that will elevate your experience on board and beyond.

Exclusive Lubricants

All kind of Lubricants such as Oil, Grease, Penetrating Lubricants, and Dry Lubricants are available at good price .


Convenience store, is attached to a gasoline station, offer snack foods, dairy items, and notions. Having bulk quantities for customers.

Premium fuel station

OTO Pakistan is committed to provide unmatched quality of Premium Petroleum for ultimate performance and experience. Quality that keeps your Engine clean and environment green.

VIP clients service

OTO Pakistan is always aims to leave all its customers in a position where they do not need to be concerned about any other query all of their work must be done in a single turn for them.

Collect your miles

With our newest Smile Cards, collect mile points on your purchases to use later at our various Retail outlets and with our collaborated partners to excite yourself with discounts, promotions and offers!

    Parco (ex)
    PRL (ex)

Premium Petroleum

OTO Pakistan is committed to provide unmatched quality of Premium Petroleum for ultimate performance and experience. Quality that keeps your Engine clean and environment green.

Premium Petroleum contains a chemical component called octane. It has a higher rate of octane component in it. The measure of octane contained inside the fuel decides how well it will function in higher-pressure motors – high octane fuel works more successfully than lower-rated fuels.

Using higher-octane gasoline than your owner’s manual recommends offers absolutely Has benefit. It make your car perform better, go faster, get better mileage or run cleaner. If you use premium fuel, instead of regular fuel, you are good to go.

Credit card miles

Credit Card Miles are a type of loyalty benefit that Our Credit Card give to our customers as a reward for their credit card spending. The more they spend on their credit card, the more miles they accumulate. For example, a credit card might reward you with one mile for every $1 you spend on your credit card.


OTO Pakistan define its own value for each credit card mile, like a penny per mile, for example. Once you’ve accumulated enough miles, you can redeem them for an award seat on one of the credit card’s.

Before you can start earning miles, first, you have to apply for a credit card with a miles rewards program. Keep in mind that you typically need to have excellent credit to qualify for the best rewards credit cards.

Buy A Cofee

Our customers are literally on-the-go; they are en route. They are already making a fuel purchase so it’s easy for them to accompany that with a coffee. It’s important to us place coffee offer to them in a convenient spot; by the entrance to the store it will be seen when the customer first walks through the door. An appealing looking installation will grab their attention as will the aroma of fresh coffee!

Smile Card

Simply present your card to the pump attendant when you make a petrol purchase to start earning Smiles points right away. There are no confusing instructions. You can use your Smiles Card points on fuel or items in-store. When you have accumulated enough Smiles points, you can use your points on fuel purchases or treats in-store.

Get more benefits at our gas station. We care about your comfort and safety.

From fueling you and your vehicle to providing aid services, we offer it all. Your satisfaction and ease is all that matters! Have a look at all that we offer at our Gas Stations.

  • WiFi zone
    WiFi zone
  • Convenient Store
    Convenient Store
  • Standard Restroom
    Standard Restroom
  • ATM
  • Tyre Shop
    Tyre Shop
  • Pray Room
    Pray Room
  • First Aid Box
    First Aid Box
  • Quality Check
    Quality Check
  • Quantity Check
    Quantity Check

OTO Vision

To be an international integrated energy company making the world cleaner, saving natural resources and creating comfort for people.

OTO Mission

To provide a measurable difference to businesses and lives, though exceptional talent solutions by modern, friendly, forward thinking, profitable and customer centered business in the fuel and convenience retail sector.

Only clean fuel, made

from quality raw materials

OTOPakistan is now offering Premium Clean Fuel and Lubricants at all its retail sites and also strives to promote new trends in the oil market.


`` We prefer to be efficient with time, rather than wasting it on tedious tasks. ``

Nearly half of consumers say they are now more influenced by convenience – it’s become a lever that can be used as a unique selling point. In crafting customer experiences, the perception of convenience is as important as the actual benefits of saved time and effort.  OTO Pakistan Convenience store is attached to station, we offer following items:
  1. Coffee & Tea
  2. Bakery Snacks
  3. Grocery (Dairy, Frozen Food, Fruits, Veggies and Pizza)

Through this we reduce consumers׳ non-monetary costs (i.e., time, energy and effort) when purchasing or using goods and services through single Chanel.

Our Partners


2.400 public charging points in your smartphone app

Making the switch to an electric Board might mean finding yourself relying a little too much on your smartphone on. And that’s because you need to find places to Charge up. With regular Stations, it is easy to pull up at your nearest petrol station and fuel up. But while charging a cell phone, you need to be slightly more strategic about Finding any charge point. But OTOPakistan Facilitate their customers charging station available nowadays, adjusting to these energy-efficient point has become easier than ever.

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